Traditional Media

We move the needle when it comes to
brand recognition and consumer engagement.

Efficient & Effective

A critical approach to our media strategies is to compliment the marketing. Understanding our client’s local needs as well as their national brand identity affords our agency the opportunity to move the needle when it comes to brand recognition and consumer engagement. Our expertise ranges from national to local market specifics to zoned geographic and psychographic placements. We are focused on garnering the most efficient and effective campaigns for clients.

This strategy is enforced through current marketplace knowledge. Our staff is fully versed in the landscape of all automotive advertising efforts. We complement our negotiations with strong ties in the media industry and a solid professional relationship with all vendors. These connections enable us to secure tailored added value opportunities rich with extensive inventory, impressions and on- site exposure. The key to building our media campaigns relies on a 4 pronged integrated approach: 1. Analyze needs assessment 2.Evaluate market conditions 3. Negotiate and execute 4. Provide campaign stewardship.

Our Approach

  • Analyze Needs Assessment

    • Advertising goals
    • Competitive Share of voice
    • Messaging
  • Evaluate Market Conditions

    • Media trends
    • Station randers and changes
    • Advertising clutter
    • Calendar and annual influences
  • Negotiate & Execute

    • Exploit media efficiencies across all platforms
    • Provide proven methods to ensure success
    • Evaluate all factors as it relates to target demo
    • Secure best deals through volume buying and added value
  • Provide Campaign Stewardship

    • Maintain budgets
    • Track and evaluate results through completion
    • Post buy analysis